As a resident of the Pitt Manor site, you have access to a range of sustainable travel options, all of which offer fast, efficient routes to the town centre. This site provides you with all the information you need to be able to get around without having to use your car. For more information about existing services, click on one of the icons above to gain up to date travel information, details of bus and rail fares and journey times.

Why not try to further your commitments to travelling sustainability? Click here to work out your carbon footprint, to see how travel affects your own personal environmental impact. Then, take a moment to browse the pages on this website to see how you gain a lot of benefits from small changes in the ways you travel!

For further information regarding the sustainable travel options in your local area please refer to:

Promotional Newsletter – Summer 2021

2021 Monitoring Report

Resident’s Travel Pack


Should you have any queries regarding public transport services or walking/cycling routes, please feel free to contact us.